Yup, that's me...

I'll bet you're wondering how I got  here. Well let's start at the beginning. 

Who am I?

When you're young and weird, grown-ups don't call you "oddball." They call you "creative." When you're precocious and garrulous, they don't call you "loudmouth." They call you "smart." And when you grow up thinking you're creative and smart, your path becomes clear. You become a writer.

I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with University Honors and a degree in Creative and Professional Writing. I am currently a writing tutor looking for an entry-level copywriting or editing position. I am a diligent writer who always meets deadlines, a detail-oriented editor, and a creative thinker who will bring a bit of precocious weirdness to your company.


What I'm Looking For:

Finding a good job is like dating. We're all looking for "the one" job that will make us happy, we go on plenty of first dates and find out the job isn't exactly what we're looking for, and as much as you try to talk yourself up, you really just want to find someone who likes you for you.

I'm looking for a firm that shares my interests: entertainment, humor, nostalgia, and long walks on the beach. What else do you need in a partner? Communication. I'm looking for a company that can be honest with me and help me learn and improve.  I'm looking for a respectable company that I can bring home to my parents, but one that has a fun side. I want to be able to share my hopes and dreams with a company, and learn everything there is to know about it. 

Hey, what do you have to lose? Just one interview.  What do you say? I'm single and ready to write fresh, unique copy with a humorous bent.